Strawberry "Salsa": description of the variety and recommendations for growing

Strawberry "Salsa": description of the variety and recommendations for growing

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Strawberry variety "Salsa" was obtained by breeders more than fifteen years ago. Garden strawberry "Salsa" was bred in the Netherlands and belongs to the category of late ripening berry crops.

Characterization and description of the variety

Strawberries called "Salsa" form berries of very large sizes, rounded conical or aligned conical shape. The average mass of marketable berries subject to competent agricultural technology is at least 35-37 g. The pulp of a ripe berry is juicy and aromatic, with a very pleasant taste.

Description of the variety allows us to conclude that Fragaria Salsa is highly suitable for cultivation in most regions of our country and in Belarus and Ukraine. There are cases of very successful cultivation in areas of unsustainable agriculture, with monsoons and frequent rains, as well as a dry period from mid-May to the end of July.

Garden strawberry "Salsa" is characterized by the formation of tall and fairly powerful bushes with beautiful light green leaves and high peduncles, on which bright red berries with a pronounced brilliance are formed that are not prone to shredding. The transportability of the picked berries is excellent, and the harvest is able to maintain a presentation and excellent taste for a long time after harvest.

The variety is resistant to disease, but chlorosis can be observed when growing this berry culture on carbonate soils. The presence of a very powerful and well-developed root system makes the variety drought tolerant. Harvested crops can be used not only fresh, but also suitable for all types of processing and freezing. Fragaria Salsa has high frost resistance and is perfectly adapted to cultivation in open ground conditions.

Strawberry "Salsa": variety description

Care Tips

In order to obtain a stable and high yield when growing Salsa strawberries, It is very important to observe the following recommendations:

  • garden strawberries "Salsa" should not be grown for more than 3-4 years on one site, due to high productivity and rapid depletion of the soil;
  • fertilizing Fragaria Salsa with nitrogen fertilizers in spring and summer helps to accelerate growth and development and has a positive effect on the laying of flower buds for subsequent yield;
  • in the fall, you need to feed the berry culture with phosphorus and potash fertilizers or use complex fertilizers for this purpose in the form of half-ripened horse or cow manure, as well as humus;
  • watering is required to be carried out as necessary, avoiding overdrying or excessive wetting of the soil.

It is very important to systematically weed the berry plantations, loosen the soil and treat the garden strawberry bushes with a Bordeaux mixture (with a preventive purpose - before flowering and after harvesting). If necessary, systemic insectofungicides are used.

Landing Features

Planting and growing Fragaria Salsa has no significant differences from cultivating other varieties of garden strawberries. Strawberry "Salsa" is able to grow well enough and show good productivity on almost any type of soil, but the yield level directly depends on the degree of fertility of the site intended for cultivation.

The best result can be obtained when growing Salsa garden strawberries in household plots represented by light or medium in terms of mechanical and chemical composition soils with an acidity level not exceeding pH 5.0–6.5. It is very important at the stage of preparing the site for planting to make about 5-6 kg of organic matter and about 40 g of mineral fertilizers per square meter. Planting can only be done after the deep digging soil has settled.

Tips and reviews of gardeners

Strawberry "Salsa" has deservedly become popular in home gardening. Reviews gardeners characterize the strawberries "Salsa" positively. Negative reviews are most often associated with the use of poor-quality planting material for planting or with a significant violation of the agricultural technique of growing a berry culture.

According to experienced gardeners involved in the cultivation of strawberries for the further sale of the harvest, the berries of the varieties "Wima Zanta", "Queen Elizabeth" and "Salsa" are about the same size, but vary greatly in shape and taste. It is the Salsa variety that receives the highest ratings from consumers of berry products.

How to plant strawberries

The late variety with high productivity compares favorably with large-fruited crops and is very well suited for cultivation in regions and areas with fairly severe winters. Regardless of weather conditions, the berries are formed not only very large, but fragrant, with juicy pulp and a very pleasant taste. Excellent winter hardiness is well complemented by resistance to verticillosis and powdery mildew, which allows you to get not only marketable, but also environmentally friendly berries.


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