Characteristics and description of the Narodnoe apple tree variety, recommended growing regions and gardeners' reviews

Characteristics and description of the Narodnoe apple tree variety, recommended growing regions and gardeners' reviews

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Today, an apple tree can be found in almost every garden or vegetable garden, and it seems that there is nothing difficult in growing this tree. But if you take this issue seriously, it becomes clear that you cannot do without additional preparation - there are so many varieties that it is rather difficult to choose one right away. The apple tree of the Narodnoye variety is one of the favorite among many gardeners.

Description of the variety

Before opting for this variety of trees, you need to read the description in order to avoid mistakes in cultivation. The folk belongs to the early autumn varieties - the ripening period begins in late August and early September.

The fruits have a rich sweet and sour taste. The pulp is predominantly white, with a slight yellow tinge, the structure is slightly porous, but not friable. The apples themselves are yellow when ripe, some are marked with a small dividing seam.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Narodnoye variety has many advantages:

  • frost resistance (survives winters even at minus 30 degrees);
  • self-fertility (easily pollinated without the influence of insects and other trees);
  • has a small size, which makes it easy to care for;
  • early maturity (the first harvest can be obtained in a year);
  • taste;
  • even young trees provide a large yield;
  • fruits are suitable for any way of consumption and processing;
  • long shelf life (half a year without 50 days);
  • resistance to many diseases of culture.

But it was not without its drawbacks:

  • lack of bright color;
  • mature trees may bear fruit irregularly;
  • late ripening time for apples.

Main characteristics

Below will be given the characteristics of the Narodnoye variety, which you need to know before planting a tree in your garden.

Dimensions (edit)

The tree belongs to the medium dwarf and is rarely more than 3.5 meters in height. The crown is quite rare and compact. These features simplify the care process. The weight of the fruit is on average 100-130 grams, but there are also large sizes. For example, young trees often have apples of 200 grams. They are round in shape, with a slightly tapered base.


The apple-tree of the Narodnoye variety has a good yield. The first fruits can be obtained already in the 2nd year after planting the tree, and the volume of the harvest will grow every year. At a mature age, 1 apple tree will bring about 160 kilograms of fruit, which is a lot for a tree of this size.

The frequency of fruiting

Young trees bear fruit annually. However, it is recommended to cut off the first flowers so that the forces go to increase the roots and shoots. However, after about 10 years of growth, the apple tree may yield irregularly, and then phosphorus-potassium fertilizers must be used.

Winter hardiness

Apple trees of this species are distinguished by good winter hardiness - they easily survive even severe frosts at minus 30 degrees. However, experienced gardeners recommend regularly tamping snow (and in the absence of it, soil) around the tree in winter - this will keep the necessary heat and moisture.

Disease resistance

Apple trees of this variety are considered disease resistant, but this does not mean that the tree cannot get sick. The most common ailments:

  • scab (less often than other types of apple trees);
  • powdery mildew;
  • bacterial burn.

Most often, trees growing in unfavorable climatic conditions are susceptible to these troubles.

Fruit assessment

The general tasting assessment of the apples of the Narodnoye variety according to the main criteria was 4.5-4.75 points out of 5.

What are the subspecies of the Narodnoe apple tree

This type of apple trees was obtained by crossing 2 varieties - Papirovka and Bellefleur-Chinese at the Research Institute under the guidance of Professor S. I. Isaev. Outwardly, apples are very similar to Papirovka; from it, the dividing seam also got. From Bellefleur-Chinese, Narodnoye got its amazing taste.

Distribution regions

Apple trees of this type grow best in central Russia. Initially, the Narodnoye variety grew on the territory of the Lipetsk and Voronezh regions and the Republic of Mordovia. Nowadays, it can be found more and more often in the Urals and in the North-West regions. However, in this case, it is better to choose a place closed from the wind for planting and cover the trunks for the first 3 years.

Reviews about apple

Victor, Togliatti: “We really love the apples of the Narodnoye variety: they are stored for a long time, the apple tree itself is unpretentious in care and is suitable even for a novice gardener. The only drawback is the dull appearance. For sale "ruddy" apples are more suitable. "

Tatiana, Lipetsk: “For me, a huge plus of this apple variety is the shelf life. They can lie quietly until December, even at room temperature. "

Tatiana, Voronezh: "The apple trees of this variety are suitable for beginner gardeners: the tree does not require special care, the crown does not need to be pruned."

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