Step-by-step recipe for making black and red currant jam together

Step-by-step recipe for making black and red currant jam together

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In summer cottages, there is always a place for fruit bushes. Red currants are grown less often than black currants, although both types of crops are rich in vitamin C, contain pectins and organic acids. After thermal processing of berries, most of the nutrients are preserved, red and black currant jam is eaten with pleasure with tea, added to pies. In winter, the delicacy protects against colds, saturates with vitamins.

Features of making black and red currant jam

Many women cover different fruits for the winter, they make jams and compotes from the fruits using their own proven recipe. For the preparation of jam, red berries can be taken in the same proportion with black currants, in less or more quantities, which determines the color and taste of the mixture.

Necessary products

Jam is prepared in different ways. It takes on a very beautiful shade, it turns out fragrant if you take:

  • 500 g red berries;
  • 1 kg of black fruits;
  • 2 kilograms of sugar.

Currant jam, which is useful for children, is closed for the winter, poured into a sterile container.

Ingredient preparation rules

Wash the berries, remove the twigs and stalks, rinse with cool water, transfer to a plastic, aluminum bowl or saucepan.

Beet sugar not only adds sweetness to the jam, but also kills microbes, acts as a preservative, prevents the product from souring and exploding in the jar.

How to prepare a container?

The boiling jam is poured into small glass containers. They are thoroughly washed with mustard powder or soda, dried and sent to the grate of a gas or electric oven, where they are sterilized for a quarter of an hour. Banks are disinfected:

  • in the microwave;
  • in boiling water;
  • hold over steam.

After disinfection, the dishes are laid out on a towel with the neck down, which prevents germs from entering. Lids are selected without deformation, disinfected in boiling water.

Cooking process

Pure red and black currant berries are put together in a bowl or saucepan, pour a little water, choose a large fire. After boiling, the assortment is boiled for 10 minutes, removing the resulting foam.

Sugar is poured into the berries, the mass is again sent to the stove, stirring with a spoon, boiled for another quarter of an hour. Hot transferred to disinfected jars.

To make the berries easier to cleanse of debris, they are placed in a colander and immersed in cool water, the emerging twigs and stalks are collected. Delicious and aromatic jam is obtained from a kilogram of black and the same amount of red currant and sugar:

  1. The berries must be chopped in a meat grinder.
  2. Pour the prepared mass into a saucepan.
  3. Pour 500 g of sugar into the mixture, after boiling, add all the preservative.
  4. Boil the grated currants for 6 or 7 minutes.

The delicacy is laid out in jars, disinfected in the oven, hermetically sealed with sterile lids. The container with the blank is insulated with a terry towel or blanket, turned upside down.

Further storage of treats

Red and black currant jam, to which an insufficient amount of sugar was added, was closed in non-sterile dishes, it would hardly last six months, it could easily ferment.

Currant jam, prepared in accordance with the rules and proportions, is stored for 3-4 years even at room temperature.

If the mass thickens too much, put a couple of grams of citric acid, a little water and boil. Candied jam is added to pies, muffins, cookies, and is used to make wine.

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