6 simple recipes for making wine from birch sap at home

6 simple recipes for making wine from birch sap at home

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Birch sap can be not only a delicious drink, but also a raw material for homemade wine. It can be a good alternative to the classic grape wine and has many beneficial properties. Consider making wine from birch sap, how to prepare the ingredients and the production technology itself. How to properly store the resulting drink and drink it.

The subtleties of making wine from birch sap

Birch wine comes out light and soft. Since the juice does not have a bright taste and aroma, other ingredients are often included in the recipes - berries, citrus fruits, honey, fragrant herbs. They give the finished drink an original flavor and make it memorable.

To prepare original birch wine, you need to take fresh, just obtained juice. It sours quickly at normal temperatures and after a day it may be unusable. To prolong its shelf life, you need to keep the jars in the refrigerator. You will also need raisins for sourdough, citric acid for acidifying the liquid, honey for sweetness.

Preparing the main ingredients

The first step in cooking is to digest the juice to thicken it. The liquid is boiled down to a third of the volume. You can cook immediately with acid and granulated sugar, or add them after boiling. During the cooking process, remove the foam that will form during boiling.

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You also need to prepare a sourdough from raisins: wash 100 g of berries, mix with 1 tbsp. sugar and water. Put the workpiece in a warm place for 3-4 days. The fermented mass will be the required leaven.

How to make birch sap wine at home

The drink is prepared according to the classic version, which includes only the most necessary ingredients, without adding others. But you can also cook by following other recipes.

Classic recipe

What you need to take:

  • birch sap - 20 l;
  • sugar - 4 kg;
  • acid - 2 tsp;
  • raisins - 100-150 g (or 1 packet of wine yeast).

How to cook:

  1. Mix the boiled juice with sourdough or add yeast.
  2. Add sugar and acid, dissolve, pour everything into a large bottle.
  3. Put a water seal on the neck, place the container in a warm and dark place (the temperature for proper fermentation should be 20-25 ˚С).
  4. Fermentation should end after 5 weeks. A sharp or significant temperature drop in the room where the wine is standing should not be allowed.
  5. Drain the juice from the sediment and put it again for further infusion for 3 weeks in a not hot (10 ˚C) place.
  6. Then filter, pour into bottles.

Put in storage.

With citrus notes


  • birch sap - 10 l;
  • sugar - 2 kg;
  • raisins - 100 g;
  • slices of lemon, orange or lime.

Cooking takes place according to the classical method. Leave the juice to ferment until fermentation stops completely. After draining, the liquid is filtered from sediment and citrus pieces. They are poured into jars or bottles, sealed and placed in the cold.

With honey and cinnamon

You will need:

  • birch sap - 6 l;
  • sugar - 2 kg;
  • honey - 1 kg;
  • cinnamon - 2-3 sticks;
  • good quality fortified white wine - 1.5-2 liters.

Cooking features:

  1. Dissolve sugar in heated juice until smooth, stir, add honey.
  2. Add cinnamon, add grape wine.
  3. Place in a cool room for 2 weeks.
  4. Drain, filter, bottle.

After 30 days, young wine can be consumed.

With a fruity accent

What needs to be prepared:

  • birch sap - 10 l;
  • sugar - 5 kg;
  • fruits, berries - 3 kg;
  • raisins from blue grapes - 200 g.

Fermentation technology is standard. Fermentation takes at least a month. Then it should be filtered, poured into glass containers and sent for storage.

With raisins and without boiling

According to this recipe, the raw materials do not need to be boiled, only heated. This is necessary for the speedy dissolution of sugar.

What you need:

  • juice - 3 l:
  • sugar - 0.9 kg;
  • raisins - 0.3 kg.

The sequence of the beverage preparation process is classic. Fermentation will continue until the liquid brightens and becomes transparent. No carbon dioxide bubbles will be emitted from the water seal tube.

With herbs


  • juice - 5 l;
  • sugar - 2 kg;
  • yeast - 1 sachet;
  • herbs - thyme, oregano, lemongrass leaves.

How to cook:

  1. Heat the juice, add sugar to it.
  2. Put yeast and powdered dry herbs in the wort.
  3. Drain into a container and put to ferment in a not cold and dark room.
  4. After fermentation, filter the liquid, pour into small bottles and send them to the cold.

Wine can be drunk only after infusion.

Further storage of the product

Drinking freshly fermented wine is not recommended. It should settle in a cold and dark place. This process takes at least 2-3 months. The drink becomes clear, light, the taste improves.

You need to store such wine in a cellar, in dark glass bottles, with tightly closed corks. The shelf life, like any alcoholic beverage, is unlimited. It can be stored for years, during the storage process the wine will become tastier and nobler. The minimum aging period is 1 year.

Drinking a drink is allowed every day, but in small portions. With correct, moderate use, it normalizes metabolic processes in the body, enhances immunity, and cleans tissues from toxins. Due to the presence of acid in the recipe, wine should be used with caution for gastritis, gastrointestinal diseases, urolithiasis.

Birch sap wine is an original alcoholic drink that anyone can make at home. This requires the most common ingredients: juice, sugar, citrus fruits, herbs. The wine is prepared according to the technology developed for the grape; the recipe has no special differences.

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