Description of the tomato variety Gravity, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Gravity, features of cultivation and care

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In the piggy bank of tomato seeds grown in the conditions of Russia and neighboring countries, there is a high-quality hybrid - tomato Gravitet. It appeared in the State Register of Plants intended for cultivation in the middle lane recently, but has already earned respect among the population.

Hybrid characteristics

Early maturing, semi-determinate f1 tomato is intended for growing mainly in plastic and polycarbonate greenhouses, and in open beds. Seeds of Dutch selection. It takes 50-60 days from planting seedlings in the ground to harvesting. The bush requires garter and shaping.

The height of the plant at maturity reaches a height of 1.7 meters. The root system is highly developed, the branches are powerful. 8-9 clusters with fruits are formed on one plant.

When ripe, tomatoes reach a mass of 170–250 grams, so the branches with fruits must be tied up. One bunch ripens from 3 to 7 fruits at a time. Fruits are smooth, slightly flattened, shiny. Mature ones have a bright red color, the stalk has no green spot. The taste is sweet with sourness. The pulp is firm and juicy with few small seeds.

Fruits for universal use. Reviews say that juices, sauces and pastas are prepared from them. Pickled, pickled and dried for seasoning. And excellent transportable qualities help tomatoes to be successfully sold in markets and in stores. As you can see, this hybrid has solid positive qualities.

Positive traits

Let's highlight the main characteristics of a tomato based on the reviews of gardeners:

  1. Excellent yield.
  2. Beautiful appearance of the fruit.
  3. Early ripeness.
  4. No green spot due to improper care.
  5. Obtaining two harvests per season when grown in film greenhouses.
  6. Excellent transportability and commercial qualities.

How to grow a quality crop?

Planting description: we plant seedlings in sunlit areas with fertile soil. The optimum air temperature is from 20 degrees during the day and from 16 degrees at night. Add humus to the soil in the beds and dig it up. If fertilizers are applied in the fall, then in the spring we simply fertilize it with organic fertilizing.

Plants are planted in a checkerboard pattern, with the distance between seedlings 40-60 centimeters. A hole is dug, the plant sits down, the hole is filled up and watered with warm water. Pour at least one liter of liquid under each bush. That's it, the tomatoes are planted.

Proper care of tomato plants

We carry out proper plant care and harvest a rich harvest of ripe and beautiful tomatoes. For this you need:

  • water the bushes;
  • carry out pinching;
  • weed the soil thoroughly;
  • tie up the bushes in a timely manner;
  • loosen the ground around the stems;
  • inspect plants for the first signs of disease.

You need to water the bushes in dry weather during the ripening of the fruits almost every day. After irrigation, the soil is loosened. This is to prevent the growth of fungus and to retain moisture. Bushes are tied up 3 times per season, constantly grabbing heavy bunches of tomatoes. Since the bush is tall, it must be tied to the crossbar for easy care of the plants.

Grasshopping is the removal of excess processes formed in the leaf axils. If this procedure is not carried out, the bush will grow into a green mass, the tomatoes will not ripen. If spots, fungi, darkening of fruits and other manifestations of diseases are found on plants, it is necessary to disinfect the beds with plantings.

Tomato Gravity f1 gratefully responds to care and will thank you with a rich harvest of juicy tomatoes.

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