Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Chocolate miracle

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Chocolate miracle

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To date, one of the novelties of breeders is the tomato variety Chocolate Miracle. Tomatoes of unusual colors are of particular interest to vegetable growers who are proud of their "brainchild". Let's try to figure out what is special about the Chocolate Miracle tomato variety.

Briefly about the variety

Tomato variety Chocolate miracle belongs to the determinant type. In open ground, the plant can reach a height of eighty centimeters, in greenhouse conditions - 1.5 meters. Tomato variety Chocolate miracle begins to bear fruit 98 days after planting the seeds. These tomatoes were bred specifically for subsidiary farms to the delight of amateur vegetable growers. The average yield for the season is 15 kilograms per square meter.

There are few leaves on the Chocolate Miracle bush, which pleases summer residents who grow this variety in a greenhouse, due to the absence of unnecessary shading. To get large tomatoes, some of the ovaries must be removed. The formation of bushes should be done in two stems, moderately subjecting to pinching. Reviews of summer residents indicate that those tomatoes that were planted in the open field grew tastier and sweeter.

More than one housewife has grown such handsome men in her garden, but you should know that Chocolate Miracle tomatoes are not stored for a long time, so it is better to process them right away.

Description of the bush:

  1. The height of the plants is 140 centimeters.
  2. The roots of the bush are powerful.
  3. Strong stems.
  4. Small leaves have a rich green color.
  5. The inflorescences are intermediate.

Description of fruits:

  1. Fruits are round, slightly flattened.
  2. Average weight - 300 grams (subject to all agricultural standards, tomatoes can gain up to 800 grams).
  3. The color of tomatoes is brownish-red (closer to chocolate).
  4. The pulp is sweet, fleshy, quite juicy.

Advantages of the variety

The fruits of the Chocolate Miracle differ from other tomatoes in their sugar taste.

Positive features of the Chocolate Miracle:

  • growing method - usual;
  • unpretentious;
  • easy to cultivate;
  • small bushes;
  • resistant to various diseases and pests;
  • high productivity;
  • extraordinary taste;
  • unusual color of tomatoes.

The variety has no shortcomings as such. The only thing is that tomatoes are poorly stored fresh, but here you can also find an alternative: salting, preservation, making sauces and tomato pastes, and more.

Growing features

Seeds are sown for seedlings in late March - early April, depending on where you are going to grow tomatoes (in a greenhouse or in a garden bed). In order for the seeds to hatch sooner, it is necessary to provide the following conditions: cover the boxes with plastic wrap (the temperature should be from 23 to 25 ° C).

When the first shoots appear, the film is removed, and the planting is rearranged in a sunny place. Anyone who has planted tomatoes at least once knows that the first week after seed germination, the seedlings must be kept at a low temperature (from 14 to 15 ° C) in order to prevent abnormal stretching of tomatoes. Subsequently, the temperature is made normal, room temperature. A week before transplanting to the main place, the tomatoes must be hardened by taking them out into the air for 15 - 20 minutes daily.

Young seedlings should be planted no more than three bushes per square meter. Tomatoes on the beds Chocolate miracle can be planted when there is no threat of frost. Watering should be done in moderation. With an excess of moisture, this tomato variety has the ability to grow rapidly, which can cause the fruit to crack.

Top dressing must be applied according to the scheme, which, as a rule, is universal for all varieties of tomatoes, but it is all recommended to read the description of processing on the package before use.

Care after landing

The care is standard. Every evening, water the garden bed with water that has settled in a barrel, loosen the soil as necessary to improve air access to the roots of the plant, and pull out weeds.

During the season, it is worth feeding the tomatoes several times with mineral complex fertilizer. To get large tomatoes from the bush, you need to monitor the development of the bush, tying up the tomatoes in time and removing excess ovaries.


The soil should not be dry. The first week after planting, tomatoes are acclimatized. During this period, they need to be watered especially often. Watering should be done under the roots of the plant or directly between the rows. The best time for irrigation is early morning or evening.

Top dressing

In total, tomatoes need to be fertilized 3 times during the season. While the bushes are bearing fruit, you can feed them every 14 days. For feeding, it is recommended to use fertilizers with a low nitrate content.

Young seedlings need magnesium for fast growth and good development, and boron must be added during flowering. With a lack of calcium, preparations containing this element should be added. When adding fertilizers, it is necessary to take into account the composition of the soil. The first time the tomatoes are fertilized on the 10th day after transplanting the seedlings, the second time it is recommended to fertilize the tomatoes on the twentieth day.


The beds with seedlings should be weeded regularly, and the soil should be loosened as necessary to obtain a good harvest. Watch out for weeds, weed tomatoes in a timely manner, as weeds take nutrients and moisture from the soil, preventing tomatoes from developing.


Tomato bushes should be tied up so that they do not break from the weight of the fruit. In order for the bushes to take root well, you need to choose pegs about 1.5 meters long for the garter.

The garter must be carried out immediately at the landing field. The stakes next to the tomatoes are slaughtered from the north side. It is necessary to step back ten centimeters from the stem.

It is necessary to carry out pinching several times to remove excess shoots. It is recommended to carry out any procedures in the morning.


The description of the variety would not be complete if it did not tell about how to deal with diseases and pests. The Colorado potato beetle is considered dangerous for young plants. It is best to treat the area with pesticides before planting tomato seedlings. Beetles do not eat adult bushes of tomatoes.

Despite the fact that the Chocolate Miracle is a young variety of tomatoes, the tomato already has many fans. This is not surprising, because in the characteristics of this tomato there are such qualities as: early maturity, strong immunity, unpretentiousness, high yield.

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