What varieties of tomatoes are best grown in the Samara region

What varieties of tomatoes are best grown in the Samara region

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Each region has its own climatic characteristics. To grow a good harvest of vegetables, you need to consider all the little things. The best tomato varieties for the Samara region, which can give the maximum yield, are given below.

Climatic features of the region

Clear days prevail throughout the year. Winter in the region is cold, there is little snow. Spring is short, summer is hot and dry. Autumn is also short. Spring frosts are very likely. Temperature fluctuations and wind are often observed.

Favorable for active fruiting is the temperature from +22 to +25 ⁰С. If it is below +12, growth stops, and if it is above +30, then the inflorescences fall off.

Because of these features, it is best to choose early and mid-early varieties, and those species that yield a crop under adverse weather conditions are also suitable.

Early ripening

These varieties are well suited because they ripen early, having time to finish fruiting before the first night frosts. In addition, they manage to mature before the time when the intensive development of cultural diseases begins.

"Lights of Moscow":

  • bush size 45 cm;
  • color red;
  • weight 110 gr.;
  • the beginning of fruiting occurs on the 95-105th day;
  • additional characteristics: complex immunity to diseases, tomatoes are used for canning as a whole and for processing.


  • height 75 cm;
  • color red;
  • weight 90 gr.;
  • ripening period 95–105 days;
  • features: the yield is consistently high, resistant to diseases;

"Early - 83":

  • bush size 35-65 cm;
  • the fruit is red;
  • weight: 80-100 gr.;
  • the period of active fruiting occurs at 90-110 days;
  • additional characteristics: immunity to viruses, yield, fruits do not crack and are well stored.


  • height 30-45 cm;
  • color red;
  • weight 80-100 gr.;
  • ripens at 95-105 days;
  • features: capable of bearing fruit at low temperatures, immunity to diseases, excellent taste and yield.


  • bush size 65 cm;
  • color red;
  • weight 120 gr.;
  • the beginning of fruiting occurs 90-100 days;
  • additional characteristics: they have excellent fresh taste, are suitable for any kind of canning. They perfectly tolerate transportation and keep their presentation.

"Morning dew":

  • height: 80-100 cm;
  • red tomato;
  • weight: 200-250 gr.;
  • the period of active fruiting occurs at: 100-105 days.
  • additional characteristics: heat-resistant tomato, tomatoes are perfectly stored, keeping their presentation.

"Volgograd early ripening 323":

  • bush size: 60-75 cm;
  • the fruit is red;
  • weight: 80-100 gr.;
  • ripening period: 100-110 days;
  • features: suitable for dense planting, medium resistance to diseases. Used for all types of canning.

"White filling 241":

  • height 50 cm;
  • color red;
  • weight 100 gr.;
  • matures at 80-100 days;
  • additional characteristics: tomatoes are resistant to cracking, unpretentious to weather conditions.

Average ripening period

When choosing tomato varieties for the Samara region, you need to take into account the early night frosts. They come already in September. When planting seedlings and culling species, this must be taken into account.


  • height 45 cm;
  • the fruit is red;
  • weight 50-60 gr.;
  • the period of active fruiting occurs at: 100-120 days;
  • additional characteristics: a standard bush that does not require formation.


  • bush size: 35-45 cm;
  • red tomato;
  • weight: 75-100 gr.;
  • ripening period: 100-115 days;
  • features: tomatoes do not crack or overripe, they are stored for a long time and tolerate transportation. Resistant to some diseases. Susceptible to late blight.


  • height: 60-80 cm.
  • color: red.
  • weight: 300 gr.
  • the beginning of fruiting occurs at: 106-115 days
  • additional characteristics: compact bush, disease resistance. Large-fruited is suitable for processing into tomato paste, juice and ketchup.


  • bush size: 1.5 m;
  • the fruit is red;
  • weight 300-400 gr .;
  • ripens at 110-115 days;
  • features: immunity to diseases, excellent taste and long shelf life.

"A lion":

  • height 150 cm;
  • color red;
  • weight 215-450 gr.;
  • the period of active fruiting occurs at 115-125 days;
  • additional characteristics: large-fruited variety of tomatoes, eaten fresh, has no resistance to diseases.

This is an approximate list of varieties that are suitable for the climatic features of the region.

Basis for selection

Correctly selected types of tomatoes can give an excellent harvest. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the following characteristics of the varieties:

  1. Early ripening. The warm season is short, tomatoes should ripen quickly. If there is a desire to grow a late variety, it should be planted earlier so that the vegetables begin to ripen before the first frost at night.
  2. Resistant to temperature extremes and weather changes.
  3. Disease immunity.

If tomatoes are planted in a greenhouse, then you should not greatly adjust the varieties, if they are grown outdoors, then you need to select the best ones.

Growing tips

In order to get a good harvest, one selection of a variety is not enough, you still need to perform certain agrotechnical techniques:

  • Water in a timely manner, dosed. It is best to use a drip irrigation system. Tomatoes are watered in the evening, after sunset, the water is used warm.
  • Stepson and garter. Strengthens the main stem, the fruits become larger.
  • Loosening, hilling and weeding. As a prevention against disease.
  • Top dressing. The drugs are alternated to achieve the best effect.
  • Preventive maintenance and treatment against fungi, viruses and insects.

The variety of choice of tomatoes allows you to choose a variety that suits the characteristics of the growing region.

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