Instructions for use and composition of the Terrasil Forte treater, dosage

Instructions for use and composition of the Terrasil Forte treater, dosage

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Treatments for seed treatment are widely used in agriculture. They protect seeds from diseases that can affect seedlings and young plants in the early stages of growth. Let's consider the Terrasil Forte dressing agent, its active substance, purpose and principle of action, how to use the drug according to the instructions. How compatible is the product with other pesticides, how to store it and what disinfectants to replace.

Active ingredient and formulation of the disinfectant

The producers of Terrasila Forte - the companies SNAD LLC and Rapsod Plus LLC - produce it in the form of a suspension concentrate in 5-liter canisters. There are two active ingredients - tebuconazole and flutriafol in an amount of 80 g per 1 liter. The disinfectant has a systemic effect, by the nature of the action it is a protective and curative fungicide.

Spectrum and principle of action

The active substances of Terrasila Forte act differently on fungi. Tebuconazole stops the synthesis of ergosterol in pathogen cells, which causes their death. Flutriafol disrupts the synthesis of other sterols, as well as the permeability of the membranes of pathogens, which also leads to a cessation of reproduction and death.

The drug can penetrate into the seed embryos when the seeds swell, while protecting them from fungi and bacteria. The fungicide begins to work on the 2nd day after the seeds are in the soil (if its moisture is sufficient). The effect of the dressing does not end there, as the seedling grows, substances are distributed in it, stimulating the growth and development of roots. "Terrasil Forte" prevents diseases, protects crops from infection for a long time (from germination to the stage of emergence into the tube).

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

The seeds of wheat, barley and oats are etched from smut, root rot, mold, septoria, powdery mildew, and spots.

Instructions for use of the drug "Terrasil Forte"

The rate of application of the dressing agent for wheat is 0.4 liters per ton, for barley and oats - 0.4-0.5 liters. The solution consumption for all crops is the same - 10 liters per ton. Processing is done before sowing (optimally 1-2 weeks) or within 1 year before it. During this period, the drug does not lose its properties, the powder does not crumble, the layer is reliably held on the surface of the grain, no re-processing is required.

Safety precautions when working with the tool

The working solution is prepared before seed treatment, at special points. Preparation procedure: pour one third of water and the required amount of the treater into the tank, then stir for 3-5 minutes. The solution must be used immediately. The preparation is characterized by a uniform coating of each grain; after drying, the solution adheres firmly to the surface of the seeds and does not crumble. Grain treated with this product takes on a bright, dark red color.

In terms of toxicity, Terrasil Forte belongs to the 3rd hazard class. Despite, in general, low toxicity, it is necessary to work with it using special. clothing and protective equipment: respirator, gloves, plastic glasses. Means protect the skin and mucous membranes from getting the solution on them. If it does get on the body or eyes, rinse them with water. In case of poisoning with a disinfectant, you need to rinse: drink medical charcoal in the amount of 1 tablet per 10 kg of mass and 1 liter of water. In 20 minutes. induce vomiting. If the condition worsens, you need to see a doctor.

Do not use "Terrasil Forte" in the area near reservoirs with fish and in private farms.

Compatibility with other substances

The disinfectant can be combined with fungicides and insecticides in one tank mixture. But the manufacturer recommends, before starting mixing, to conduct a mandatory test for possible incompatibility: it is necessary to combine the solutions of both drugs, taken in a small volume, in a separate container. If there is a change in temperature, color, consistency, sediment falls or flakes form, the products must not be mixed.

Storage terms and rules

Terrasil Forte can be stored for 2 years. Keep the concentrate in factory canisters with closed lids. The temperature in the warehouse with the dressing agent can be in the range from -10 to 30 ° С. The room should be dark and dry. Any fertilizers and pesticides can be stacked next to the preparation. Do not keep food, medicine, household products or feed.

After the expiration date, do not use the treater. Apply the solution only fresh, store it for no longer than 1 day. After that, the effectiveness of the substance decreases, it is impractical to use it.

What can be replaced

Terrasil Forte can be replaced with many drugs: Benefis, Grandsil, Ikarus, Vitalon, Bunker, Anker Trio, Barrier Color, Avial, Zantara, Impact Super "," Armor of Quadra "," Alpha-Treater "," Kolosal "," Larimar "," Propishans Universal "," Scarlet "," Tebu 60 "," Raxon "," Ruby "," Tebuzol "," Oplot " , "Zenon Aero", "Prozaro", "Dospeh", "Concorde", "Mystery", "Tuareg" and others.

Terrasil Forte is an effective seed dressing for grain crops. It works against various dangerous rot, mold, smut, spot and other fungal infections. Affects pathogens that are on the surface of seeds, inside them and in the air. Protects plants from germination to flag leaf stage. During processing, the solution adheres perfectly to each seed, which ensures the quality of processing. The advantage of the drug: low rate of application and consumption, which makes it economical. In the recommended dosage, the dressing agent is not toxic to plants and soil. Does not affect crop rotation. Increases productivity, provides an increase in grain by 2.5-4.2 centners per hectare.

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