Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Seven forty

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Seven forty

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Today there are a huge number of types and varieties of tomatoes. We bring to your attention a new variety - tomato Seven forty F1. This is a new hybrid bred by Russian breeders. Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable crops. They are rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, cobalt and zinc salts.


This is an early-ripening variety of red tomatoes for cultivation in unheated film greenhouses and open ground. The variety grows up to 90 cm in height. Harvested from July to September. Features of tomatoes seven 40 allow it to be used for canning.

Tomato seven forty reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and is recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (easily digested and absorbed).

Varieties of this type have the following properties:

  • High yield - 15 kg / m2;
  • Resistant to many diseases and viruses;
  • Fragrant and delicious;
  • Flameproof.

Fruit characteristics:

  • Rounded elongated shape;
  • Large ones weighing up to 300 g;
  • Dense;
  • Smooth;
  • Stored for a long time;
  • Resistant to cracking.

Sowing and care

Tomatoes are very thermophilic, so they are grown only in seedlings. Seeds are planted in March-April, 60 days before planting in a permanent place. Growing requires certain rules to be followed. The seeds are germinated in moist gauze bags at room temperature. Those seeds that have sprouted must be planted in the ground and covered with foil.

After, they are seated in separate jars at the rate of one root in one jar. Watering is necessary often, 2-3 times a week.

Planting can be carried out only after the end of frost and the formation of constant warm weather, otherwise your plants will die. It is usually carried out in May-June at the rate of 3 roots per 1m2... Watering is carried out every other day.

Watering tomatoes is necessary at the root. On particularly hot days, it is possible to spray the entire stem. Fertilization can be applied two weeks after planting. The following dressings must be carried out with abundant flowering, fruit ovary and ripening. Be sure to carry out regular pinching. Fruits appear in 3-4 weeks, 6 pcs per nest. They begin to sing in 2-3 weeks.

In mid or late August, it is necessary to stop the growth of the stem due to the end of the season and allow all the resulting ovaries to mature. To do this, cut off the tops and monitor the formation of stepsons, which also need to be removed. Before the first frost begins, all tomatoes must be harvested, regardless of their ripeness. Otherwise, your harvest may be lost.

What to fear

Tomatoes can touch pests and disease. Pests rarely affect tomatoes, but spraying them with special solutions will help protect your plant. You can buy them at any department store.

The main danger for tomatoes is disease. The most common of them: late blight, leaf spot, tobacco mosaic, apical rot. But do not be afraid: the new hybrid tomato seven 40 is resistant to the listed diseases and nothing threatens your harvest.


  1. The soil for growing tomatoes must be prepared in advance, preferably in spring. Tomatoes love organic fertilizers (compost, manure, peat), potassium, phosphorus. If the soil is acidic, then you need to add lime.
  2. When planting in a greenhouse, deep holes must be made for each tomato, as for cabbage. This is necessary so that the water falls directly to the root, and does not overflow like a river around.
  3. When planting a root, it must be deepened to the first leaf. This will make the root system larger and the plant more resilient.

Customer opinions

Here are the reviews of some buyers of this variety.

  1. Maxim: I planted it for the first time. Very tasty. High productivity. I will plant next year.
  2. Olga: The description matches. Not whimsical, high yield. In the greenhouse, I planted 5 roots for testing. I collected several ripe tomatoes almost every day. I advise everyone. Next year I will plant the whole greenhouse with this variety. I am very satisfied.
  3. Anton: I planted it on the balcony. It does not affect the harvest - everything is as it is written on the package. I advise everyone this variety of tomatoes.
  4. Masha: I decided to start my experience in growing tomatoes with this variety. I planted only 10 roots. I was afraid they would not grow up as they should. And it turned out to be wrong. They grew up amicably. There are many ovaries. There were no pests. Very easy to care for: just water and tie up. I will plant more next year.
  5. Ekaterina: I am an experienced gardener. But even this variety was pleasantly surprised. Tomatoes are even, singing together. Almost every day I collected so many ripe tomatoes that it was enough to eat and make 1 jar for pickling.
  6. Mikhail: I planted this variety of tomatoes in the vegetable garden in a film greenhouse. Good grade. The tomatoes grew smooth, tasty. They arrived in early July.

The Seven Forty tomato hybrid will provide you with a large tomato harvest and no hassle in the fight against various pests. Watering and caring for him on time, he will answer you with gratitude. And tasty and aromatic fruits will not leave anyone indifferent. Even in winter, when you try a jar of pickled or canned tomatoes, they will be as tasty and aromatic as in summer.

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