Description of varieties of tomatoes Brandywine black, yellow, pink and red

Description of varieties of tomatoes Brandywine black, yellow, pink and red

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The Brandywine tomato is a relatively new tomato variety. Its main distinguishing feature is the color of the fruit, which has a dark red or black coating. Before you start growing such a tomato, you need to familiarize yourself with its description and characteristics.

Short description

Brandywine red and black are mid-season tomatoes that fully ripen two months after the young seedlings are planted in the ground. The tomato has rather tall bushes, which can grow up to two meters under optimal conditions. Because of this, the bushes often break and begin to dry out. To get rid of this problem, during cultivation, they should be tied to pre-installed supports made of wood or iron. Also, the bushes need mandatory pinching. For maximum yield, the tomato should be formed into several stems.

The fruits of the plant have a flat-round shape and are colored dark red. In some varieties, after ripening, the color turns yellow or the skin simply acquires a slight yellow tint. The weight of tomatoes is considerable - 250-500 grams. When grown in greenhouses, you can get a larger crop. This variety is most often used for making fresh vegetable salads. However, in some cases it is used to make tomato juice.

Planting seeds

It is recommended to plant a pink Brandywine tomato variety for growing seedlings in early spring, two months before planting in open ground. The process of sowing seeds to obtain seedlings is carried out in several stages.

Preparation of planting material

For planting, it is recommended to use only the highest quality seeds. To remove them, you must use a saline solution. To do this, a liter of water and 100 g of salt are poured into a small container. Then everything is thoroughly mixed and seeds are added to the liquid.

In just five minutes, some of them will begin to float to the surface. It is from them that you will have to immediately get rid of, since they are empty. All other seeds are removed from the container and dried.


For growing seedlings, special boxes filled with soil are used. First, several small holes should be made in the ground, no more than two centimeters in size. Then 1-2 seeds are added to each hole and covered with soil. Also, after planting, water the ground with water and cover the containers with tomatoes with plastic wrap.

Bushes should be grown in a lighted room with an air temperature of at least 25 degrees. In order for the seedlings to grow better, you should take care of their daylight hours, which should not be less than 15 hours.

Planting seedlings

Seedlings are planted in the garden in the last month of spring after the night frosts have ended. If you start replanting it too early, then the tomatoes may not cope with the low temperature.

Soil preparation

To accelerate the growth of seedlings, the soil should be properly prepared for planting. Therefore, it is recommended to apply all the necessary fertilizers to the site in advance. Even in autumn, the soil is fed with river sand and peat. It should also be watered with a nutrient solution that contains potassium with superphosphate. Some vegetable growers add humus with turf ash to the ground.

In addition, the site must be completely dug up so that the earth is not too dense. Some gardeners water the soil before planting, but this should not be done, as this creates a dense crust on the surface of the soil.


Planting a Brandywine black tomato begins by creating planting holes. They don't have to be very large and deep.

When all the holes have been dug, you can start planting. Young plants are placed in the ground in an upright position, covered with earth and carefully compacted. After that, supports are installed near each bush, which in the future will be useful for fixing plants.


Even a gardener who has not previously dealt with vegetables will be able to grow Brandywine. To do this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for planting this variety and see the reviews of people who have planted it in their garden more than once.

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