Instructions for the use of Diazol and the composition of the insecticide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for the use of Diazol and the composition of the insecticide, dosage and analogues

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Harmful insects even feed on meadow grasses. And they cannot ignore the more juicy and high-calorie cultivated plants. As soon as the earth begins to warm up in spring, they crawl out in huge quantities from the soil, from under plant debris, from cracks in the bark of trees. Plant seedlings are completely defenseless. Many insecticides are weak during this still cool period. The use of "Diazol" is effective in early spring and before autumn frosts.

Active ingredient and form of release

Diazol is produced in the form of an emulsion concentrate. Its active ingredient is an organophosphorus compound diazinon (600 g / l). The drug is packaged in plastic canisters with a capacity of 10 liters. Manufacturer - "Adama".

Spectrum and mechanism of action of the insecticide

Diazol is fatal to beetles, flies, aphids, flea beetles, butterflies and moths. The insect is affected by the poison when it perches on insecticide-treated plants and when it gnaws or sucks on leaves. Adult insects and larvae of any age die. After drying "Diazol" on the surface of the plant, it stops being washed off by rain. The insecticide demonstrates the longest period of protection at temperatures of 10-20 ° C.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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Diazol is often used during cold periods of the year: early spring or late autumn. At this time, most pesticides are ineffective.

Consumption rate and application

On crops that have just emerged, use 100-200 liters of working fluid per hectare of field. For some time, developing crops will require 200-400 liters of a mixture of emulsion concentrate with water. Its quantity is influenced by the size and density of the sheets, the air temperature, and the density of the pest infestation.

CultureInsectsDiazol insecticide rate, l / haSpraying timeWaiting time for pesticide decomposition on edible plant parts, days
WheatBread beetle1,5-1,8Emergence of seedlings60
BarleyCereal fly1,5Growing season30
Sugar beetBeetroot crumb, matte dead eater, shitonoska, common beet weevil1,8-2Culture in development20
Eastern and eastern striped weevils1,5-2
Leaf aphid, flea0,8
Timothy for seedsSpike fly1,6Stage of hidden formation of inflorescences
Alfalfa for seedsWeevil, scoop, aphid, moth, bug, meadow moth, thickfoot2-3Growing season

The beetles of the ground beetle eat away the grains in the ears; the larvae are especially harmful in spring and autumn by eating leaves. Cereal flies lay their eggs for an extended period. Their larvae (not visible from the outside), as well as stem cereal fleas, damage growth tissues. Aphids weakens young plants by sucking out cell sap and secretes a poison that curls the leaves. Beetles of the common beet weevil eat up the leaves, the larvae damage the roots.

It is permissible to process beets and alfalfa twice a season. The maximum number of spraying with Diazol insecticide on other crops is once a year.

Precautions for use

The drug is moderately hazardous to humans and very hazardous to bees. Adult employees with medical clearance are sent to work with the Diazol insecticide. Personal protective equipment consists of:

  • waterproof overalls;
  • headdress;
  • eye masks;
  • rubber boots;
  • anti-chemical gloves;
  • respiratory filter.

Before injecting the insecticide into the spray mechanism, check to see if the nozzles are clogged. The uniformity of "Diazol" application over the entire surface of the culture is of great importance.

The action plan is discussed before entering the field. After starting spraying, the conversation is stopped. At the end of work or during a break, gloves are removed so as not to smear your hands on them. Before eating or smoking, hands and face are washed with soap. The zone of toxic effects of the sprayed "Diazol" is 200 m. Therefore, people with poor health are taken away to such a distance, and they have dinner there. Here you can take off respirators and masks, breathe deeply.

Beekeepers are notified of the location, spraying time and waiting times through the media 5 days before the event. Bees should not be allowed on the treated tracts for 6 days. Protecting the bees, do not spray flowering plants. The insecticide is stored at a temperature of 0-35 ° C, with a clearly readable name on the package. Before entering the warehouse with chemicals, it is ventilated for half an hour.

Concomitant medications

"Diazol" is compatible in tank mixes with other pesticides from the manufacturer "Adam", if the recommended terms of their use coincide. An increase in phytotoxicity is possible only when mixed with the fungicide "Merpan" or sulfonylureas. Preparations from other manufacturers should be checked for their neutrality in tank mixes. This is done on small quantities of chemicals, observing them for half an hour. Flakes, foam, sediment are signs of a reaction that has occurred.


The industry produces enough insecticides, so you don't have to dwell on one.

CultureInsectsA drugAct
Wheat, barley seedlingsCereal fly, aphids, bread beetle, leafhoppers, bread fleas"Straight"Intestinal and weak contact
Cereals, sugar and fodder beets, alfalfa, lupine, fruit and berry, vegetables for seedsBread beetle, intra-stem flies, aphids, thrips, dead eaters, alfalfa thickfoot, beetles, bugs, fleas, leaf-eating caterpillars, gamma scoop"Ditox"Contact-intestinal
Wheat, barley, sugar and fodder beets, alfalfa for seedsWeevils, aphids, bedbugs"Ivanhoe"
Wheat, barley, vegetables, fruitsBread beetle, in-stem flies, aphids, leafhoppers,"Tiara"
Wheat, barley, rye, oatsGrain fly, aphids, wheat thrips,"Dimethoat-400"

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