Characteristics and description of the Dubrava tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Dubrava tomato variety, its yield

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Tomato Dubrava is a variety recommended for cultivation in the central and southern regions of the country. Ideal for cultivation in gardens and farms. The main advantage of tomatoes is their high yield, good disease resistance and ease of maintenance..

Characteristics of tomatoes

The Dubrava variety belongs to the early maturing. Fruits are formed early. The ripening period is 90 days. Plants are determinant. They are small in stature, the maximum height reaches 60 centimeters. Depending on soil fertility and conditions, this parameter may be exceeded. Growing in greenhouses produces large plant sizes. The bush is not a standard bush. It has an average number of leaves.

The Dubrava tomato variety is distinguished by a quick and friendly return of the harvest. The shape of the fruit is leveled, rounded. The weight of a tomato reaches 100 grams. Tomatoes have a sweet taste with pronounced sourness. The skin is glossy, dense. The color is bright red. Due to their attractive appearance and keeping quality, tomatoes are suitable for growing for sale.

Given the description of the variety and characteristics of the Dubrava tomato, up to 6-8 kg of the crop can be removed from the bush. The ripening period for tomatoes begins at the end of July and lasts until mid-September. The variety is suitable for outdoor cultivation. In the northern regions of the country, tomatoes are planted in greenhouses.

Features of agricultural technology

The Dubrava tomato belongs to an unpretentious variety. Cultivation is carried out by means of seedlings. Sowing seeds is carried out at the end of March. In warm regions, sowing is allowed in late February - early March. If the region has a cool climate, sowing is transferred to early April.

Before planting, the seeds are soaked in a weak solution of manganese. Then they are placed in plastic containers with soil and sprinkled with a thin layer of earth. For seedlings, universal soils are suitable, which are treated with a disinfectant solution. In the first stages, the seedlings are sprayed. The dive is performed at the stage of 3-5 true leaves.

Watering of grown plants is carried out when the top layer of the soil dries up. Before planting the bushes in open ground, hardening is carried out. For this, the daytime temperature is reduced to 17-18 degrees, and the nighttime temperature is reduced to 12-13 degrees.

The plantings are transferred to open ground at the end of May, after frosts. The seedling age at the time of transplantation is 50-55 days. When planting plants in open ground, the rule is observed: no more than 6 bushes per 1 square meter. The distance between the roots is up to 50 centimeters. The thickening reduces the yield. Plants require timely watering, loosening the soil and weeding. Top dressing is done with complex fertilizers or a mixture of wood ash, superphosphate and organic fertilizers. Plants are fed once every 2-3 weeks.

The southern section with good illumination is considered optimal. In one place, the variety can grow for about 5 years with timely feeding and proper fertilization of the soil. A good harvest is obtained where onions, zucchini, and cabbage were grown before the tomatoes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dubrava tomatoes are widespread among gardeners due to the large number of positive qualities and the almost complete absence of shortcomings.

Among the advantages of the variety are:

  • early ripening of fruits;
  • high resistance to diseases (especially late blight);
  • yield;
  • compact decorative sizes of bushes;
  • undemanding care (there is no need for pinching and tying bushes);
  • the possibility of transportation, keeping quality of fruits;
  • the possibility of ripening at home;
  • a high degree of ovary even in bad weather conditions;
  • the ability to reproduce through harvested seeds;
  • undemanding to watering.

According to gardeners, Dubok tomatoes have only one serious drawback - the size of the fruits. The tomatoes are too large. Tomatoes are not suitable for canning as a whole. Given the description, Dubrava tomatoes are a table variety.

Useful tips and feedback from gardeners

Numerous reviews have shown that Dubrava is a variety for novice gardeners. Despite the ease of maintenance, summer residents have identified several secrets that allow you to get a larger harvest with less effort:

  1. Garter plant. Anyone who has planted small varieties knows that such bushes do not need a garter. But having tied it up, it turns out easier care, clean fruits, no rot.
  2. Fertilization with nitrogen. Nitrogen is added once during the period of fruit formation. Frequent feeding will lead to overgrowth of the lashes.
  3. Watering and loosening. Watering is carried out every other day, alternating with loosening. No crust is created on the surface of the earth, which reduces the oxygen saturation of the roots.
  4. Harvesting. Eating red and brown tomatoes results in higher yields.

Compliance with the rules of agricultural technology and the recommendations of experienced gardeners allows you to grow a high yield even on a small plot of land.

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