Features cabbage variety "Atria f1"

Features cabbage variety "Atria f1"

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Cabbage "Atria f1" is a high-yielding hybrid form of Dutch breeding and ripens 125-130 days after planting seedlings on ridges of open ground. The originator of this hybrid form of white cabbage is the company "Monsanto".

Grade description

The late-ripening hybrid form "Atria f1" has a description that is attractive not only for personal cultivation, but also for cultivation by small farms. This very popular white cabbage has gray-green, rather large, as well as cabbages leveled in shape and size with a shortened stoker.

The internal structure of a fully matured head of cabbage is of very high quality, with density indicators above average. The standard weight of a head of cabbage is from 4 to 8 kg, but in conditions of high agricultural technology, some specimens can often reach a weight of up to 10 kg.

The leaf rosette has a slightly elevated shape and is characterized by a relatively average size. Sheets of medium size, dark grayish-green color with anthocyanin, concave shape. Bubbling is negligible or completely absent.

The shape of the leaves is wide oval or obovate. No waviness and notching of the edge of the sheet plate. The midrib is characterized by concavity and a light green color. Heads of cabbage are round or rounded flat, half open.

Cabbage "Atria f1": harvest

Advantages and disadvantages

Cabbage from foreign selection of the hybrid form "Atria f1" has a significant number of advantages:

  • the taste of freshly ripened fresh vegetables is good or excellent;
  • density indicators of heads at the stage of technical maturity are excellent;
  • commodity yield of a variety depends on agricultural technology and can reach 105 t / ha;
  • low risk of damage to plants of this variety by gray rot;
  • increased morphological uniformity of the vegetable crop;
  • friendly and consistent with the deadlines declared by the originator, the formation of a high and quality crop;
  • good or excellent taste;
  • increased resistance of ripening heads of cabbage to cracking.

The super-popular and high-yielding medium-late hybrid form is very responsive to the right care measures and forms an excellent crop, subject to agricultural practices.

Tips & Tricks

Cabbage is grown through seedlings. To obtain high yields for cabbage, plots with fertile soil should be allocated. White cabbage takes out a significant amount of nutrients from the soil, so it must be grown only in well-fertilized areas. Soil in the area reserved for cultivation of white cabbage must be thoroughly loosened with a rake in the spring, as soon as the soil dries well.

When growing seedlings, plants should be watered moderately, but as watering grows and develops, it is necessary to increase it. After planting seedlings, cabbage should be watered every two days at the rate of 8 liters of water for each m² of planted area. It is especially important to pay attention to watering when the formation of heads of cabbage begins.

Cabbage should be fed about three times per growing season. About two weeks after planting seedlings of white cabbage in a permanent place, fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers is carried out. The second top dressing of white cabbage of this variety is recommended to be carried out with mullein or infusion of Peaks.

In order to reliably and for a long time store white cabbage, it is very important to remove it in a timely manner - at the stage of a mature state. Harvesting is necessary only after the formation and full ripening of heads of cabbage, when they become optimally large and dense.

Reviews gardeners

White cabbage cultivar "Atria f1" was approved for cultivation on the territory of the Central Black Earth region more than twenty years ago. After evaluating the quality characteristics and indicators, the variety was recommended for fresh consumption, as well as for long-term winter storage and various types of industrial processing.

How to plant cabbage

This variety, of course, deserved increased attention of gardeners and positive reviews. "Atria" is undemanding to growing conditions, which makes this hybrid form very popular among beginners or inexperienced gardeners.


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